A Guide to Proper Golf Etiquette

Paul J Velardi
3 min readApr 21, 2022


Golf is a sport that involves playing with other people, and beyond the rules around playing, the sport places much importance on your behavior on the golf course. As a golfer, you want to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of golf etiquette.

For starters, dress appropriately. Appropriate golf wear includes collared polo shirts or blouses, capri pants, full-length trousers, knee-length shorts, or skirts.

Be a dependable golfer. Keep your golf dates and make it a point to arrive about 20 minutes early. It gives you enough time to warm up, and other players won’t have to wait for you to get yourself together.

While you should already possess knowledge of the basic guidelines of golf, rules can vary, so establish the rules of the game before the first tee. After this, you can decide who tees off first. Selection can be random, with whoever is ready teeing off first, or the group can decide on another way. The important thing is that the game starts on time.

Try not to distract other players with your speech or movements. It is essential to remain silent and comport yourself while others play. It is important to keep your attention on the player hitting the ball at the time; this also means keeping your phone away and ensuring it is switched off or set not to disturb the game. Please step away from the other players and keep it brief when you have to make or take an urgent call. Keeping your attention on the game improves the experience for everyone involved.

When walking on the green, don’t stand too close to the person hitting the ball, and ensure you stay away from the other players’ line of play. Try not to be the slowest player in the group consistently. While you want to take your time, being too slow holds other players up. Instead, maintain a good pace.

Follow cart path signs. Assess the weather conditions and keep your cart away from wet patches or areas that will leave a trail. Avoid spending too much time searching for golf balls. If you’re unable to find it after a few minutes, move on with the game. You can also watch out for other players’ balls to be helpful and save time.

Golfers can get into the habit of talking to a ball after hitting it, making comments like ‘go hard!’ or ‘don’t land in the creek!’ While it is acceptable to do this to your ball, never talk to another player’s ball. Refrain from commenting on a player’s shot until the ball has actually landed.

Show good sportsmanship and maintain a friendly demeanor throughout the game. Avoid unruly behavior like throwing clubs or using curse words. The only time you should yell during a game is when your ball is heading for another group of golfers. In this case, you should loudly yell “fore” to alert the group. However, you can prevent this by not hitting the ball when there’s a chance it might hit another group.

After the game, it is customary to shake hands with the other players and compliment them on their game. Golfers usually stay back after a game to get drinks together.



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